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Have you been arrested, for a crime that you did not commit? If so, you need an experienced attorney. You don't need just an experienced attorney, but a very aggressive, junk yard dog, attorney. And, although I am completely independent, and I do not receive any compensation whatsoever for referrals; I happen to work with some of the best attorneys in the area. If someone is accused of something they did not do; I want them to have the very best defense possible, so I only refer to the best attorneys. Just as important as an aggressive attorney, however, and perhaps even more so, you need an accomplished private investigator.


In criminal matters, whether by design, through ineptness or sheer laziness, unfortunately the sad fact is many law enforcement investigations are replete with flaws. A flawed investigation could very well be the basis of charges against you or in the case of an attorney, your client.


With all due respect, to attorneys, unless you have someone with the necessary skills and experience to find and exploit those investigative flaws, I suggest that your case preparation is lacking.


If you are a defendant, unless your attorney has a skilled investigator on staff, you will more than likely be coaxed into taking a plea bargain. That's what attorneys do; they review the evidence against their client and then make the best deal possible. That is of course unless the client wants to go to trial. All the attorney has to work with is the evidence the state presents, called discovery, and the clients "story." That isn't saying anything negative about attorneys, but attorneys simply do not have the necessary skills, or the time, to investigate the facts of your case.


In many instances, the evidence against a client appears overwhelming and because the attorney does not have a skilled investigator on staff to analyze the evidence, he/she will tell you the best thing to do is take a plea deal. However, appearances can be, and very often are, deceiving. That overwhelming "evidence" may have been misrepresented or even completely fabricated. The law enforcement officer may have withheld evidence favorable to you the accused. Without someone to scrutinize the discovery and ensure the law enforcement investigation was properly conducted; the attorney will not know, and you are stuck with a plea.


Proper case preparation requires someone who is extremely knowledgeable about law enforcement procedures and someone who is trained and skilled in statement analysis and experienced in interviewing suspects, witnesses and victims, as well as someone experienced in conducting neighborhood canvasses and thoroughly familiar with crime scenes.


Twenty years in national security and foreign intelligence and twenty-two years in law enforcement are the foundation for my qualifications. Through training and experience I have acquired an in-depth knowledge of law enforcement procedures, and I have developed highly refined interviewing and analytic skills. While preparing a defense against criminal allegations if there are errors, omissions or weaknesses in the law enforcement investigation, I will find them.


For example, to the attorney the evidence against one of my clients appeared insurmountable and the attorney could only suggest a plea bargain. However, I proved that my client was innocent of all charges. I could prove that because the investigation was riddled with flaws and outright falsifications that the attorney would never have known about, but and I found them.


So, if you are an attorney, and you want to prepare the best possible defense for your client, you will call me. If you are the accused, and if you are innocent, and you want to prove your innocence, the next phone call you make after retaining an attorney will be to me.

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