Investigations and Polygraph Services
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The GPS tracking system used by Truth Verification, LLC Investigations and Polygraph Services is state of the art. This system provides extremely detailed near real time tracking to include turn by turn route of travel, speed, time of arrival, time spent on location, location latitude/longitude and location address and when the vehicle moves the system sends out an alert and continues to track. It also provides a complete historical record of all the aforementioned information. This system is also capable of geo fencing whereby a geographic parameter is established and if the vehicle moves outside that parameter, it will notify the investigator and begin tracking. Also available on a case by case basis and upon management approval is the ability for the client to log in and monitor the vehicle's movements in near real time from any device such as desk top, laptop or mobile device.


As a safety mechanism, this system is ideal for parents and spouses who want to know where their children or their other halves are.